I feel sick

Everyday I open the newspaper or read news on the Internet only to have my stomach turn and my heart ache.  I read lengthy articles looking for any signs of hope that something might change, that things might improve, or that finally that damn geyser will be plugged.  Yes, the thing that keeps me up at night is the oil spill going on in the Gulf.  Part of the 3:00 am wake ups is because I actually once lived there and remember the crystal clear, jade colored waters that splashed along the snow white sands of Pensacola Beach, the other part is just the total emotional uproar going on inside me.  I want those bastards at BP to get off their collective asses and DO something!  Everyday I read about the decimated waterways and estuaries.  These literally hold the key to diversity of life in the entire region.  I think about the drowning pelicans, turtles, and dolphins just to name a few, and I think about all the things under the water that we don't even see.  It makes my stomach turn.  Maybe you have to have studied biology or marine biology to truly appreciate it, but honestly, I think just having a conscience would make anyone cringe and cry at what is happening in one of the most beautiful places left in this country.
What can I do?  What do any of us do?  I live in Utah, but I want to do something!  I need to be a part of the clean up.  Let me clean birds and other wildlife!  Let me scrape balls of goo off the beach!  Let me kick the ass of every BP corporate slave that is still standing around with their finger in their nose!  Let me do something!  I applied to the Audubon Rescue to try to be apart of the action team.  I told them I would go down there, that I would do any training that was necessary, and well as you might have guessed, I'm not the only one wanting to clean pelicans.  Needing volunteers from Utah is not really a high priority it seems.  While at a Red Butte concert last Friday the thought came to me, "why not hold a fundraising concert?"  Local bands and national bands alike can come to a 3 day "Clean up BP's Mess" concert.  Given, I too want to see BP pay out the wazoo to clean this up, but maybe by doing something here, something that makes people like me here in Utah feel like we can contribute, then we become a part of the solution.
I just don't know how much longer I can sit by and do nothing, going about my day, filling up my car with gasoline, hemming and hawing my way through day to day life.  I feel sick and need to do something to ease my conscience and bandage my heart.


Legacy Parkway Trail

For my birthday, my hubby bought me a new bike.  Even from Germany, he managed to buy and have a bike delivered from a local store.  Rather than getting my normal bouquet of flowers, I opened the door to find a bike and a man from Guthrie standing on my front porch.  I decided to take the bike on a real "break'er in" ride yesterday.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and I headed to the Center Street trail head on the Legacy Parkway in North Salt Lake.  I went about 8 1/2 miles north (unfortunately short of the 12 miles, but I had dinner plans) before I realized I had goofed off too much and needed to head back to the starting point.  It was a wonderful, cool, day, and today I have some mild stiffness and a few aches and pains, but over all I did pretty good having not been on a long bike ride in years.


An Amazing Dining Experience

On my birthday I went out to a new restaurant.  A new culinary experience that recently located itself to my little hamlet called Forage.  95% of the reviews I read were between 4 and 5 stars, so I figured I couldn't miss with this birthday choice. Plus I always attempt to make an effort to try something new on my birthday.
The restaurant is a small, renovated early 1900 house within walking distance of my own home.   Stepping foot inside the dining area, my first though was, "so this is what my house would look like if I vaulted the ceiling..," followed with a quick "no..no.., no more remodeling."  We were seated near the front window of the small restaurant (which can't hold more than maybe 30-35 people), and were quickly asked if we cared for tap or bottled water by the waitress.  The wait staff is kind and courteous, which I don't often come across in many of the more "affluent" restaurants.  I am always surprised when a waiter takes an attitude at $30 + a plate.  Like a tip is somehow expected just because the food is expensive.  Our waitress carefully explained how Forage dining works.  The chef's prepare a daily menu, you can choose the $90 (per person) 13 course event, which takes about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to complete, or the 3 course event (which still took us 2 1/2 hours) at $45 a person.  There is also an optional wine pairing at $30 each person.  Although I read about the phenomenal 13 course ensemble, we chose a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc with the 3 course.
My first meal was goat cheese wrapped in a buckwheat crepe with fresh herbs (which they grow themselves in a small green house behind the building).  After consuming and indulging in the many flavors, the chef brought out the first of 6 "tastes" that are eaten in between the 3 major selections.  These were are wonderful little treats that kept the evening moving, and made for more conversation topics.  My second meal was a charcoal cooked yellow tail fish with a side of risotto which had so many unbelievable fresh flavors it was like a culinary orgasm ( yes I said orgasm!).  What makes this restaurant so unique is that the chefs have been able to make food out of things I would have never thought of as food before.  For example, within the risotto were fern fiddleheads which are the young fern leaves prior to them uncurling and leafing out.     
They were delectable, offering a bit of the flavor of asparagus, but with more texture and crunch.  I absolutely loved it!  We opted for the cheese plate which is an additional $7.  This was brought out before the third meal.  My third meal was a white chocolate mouse with fresh blueberries and hazelnuts.  Again, an amazing mixture of flavors and textures.  The end of the meal came with the check, a small macaroon and a lavender infused marsh mellow.  I can't even begin to tell you how amazing those surprise treats were.

Forage is definitely a new favorite of mine.  Every taste was a delightful and delectable experience.  The staff was precise in all of their movements and gestures.  The evening was an experience of culinary genius and creativity.  I am so thrilled to have this new addition to Salt Lake dining and even more so that it is a part of my neighborhood.  Forage is an experience that should not be missed for those that enjoy slow eating, lengthy conversation, and relish in trying new culinary experiences.

Top picture is of the dining area and the bottom picture is of one of their main dishes of pork.


Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Today I had to say goodbye to a friend of 16 years.  My cat, Vosh, was wasting away and I could no longer sit by and watch her suffer.  I had hoped for the last few months that she would go on her own terms, but when I watched her unable to actually lift her body off the ground and walk more than a few feet, it was time to let her go.  Out of selfishness I was holding on, hoping not to have to make the very hard decision that all pet owners have to make at some point in their lives, but my selfishness was causing her pain, and I couldn't live with myself if I took it one day longer.

My mom actually took this picture.  It has been on my fridge ever since.  It cracks me up because the way she was looking at my mom, gives you a real good idea of Vosh.  She was always a little bit pissed that she couldn't have things her way most days.  She really did think she ruled this house, and was always fighting for 1st place (and yes, she even wished I was out of the way sometimes, so she could have Larry all to herself) :).
But when she wanted to be sweet and friendly, she was both those in spades.  A loyal friend until the end.  We miss and love you Vosh.  Now go tell'em whose boss up there!


Out with the old

I suppose I have nothing but to blame Spring for this one.  As I said in my last post, for me Spring is about being reborn, a shedding of skin, etc..., and for the last week or so I have been going beyond enjoying the birth of it all and even the "spring cleaning," but actually clearing out a deeper part of me.  I am cleaning out the past.  The past is full of old people, old expectations, old friendships, and old dreams that have passed their prime and have no where to go into my future.  I have come to a place of peace with that idea.  Leaving things where they had their moment and moving on to the unknown.  Strange thing is that as I look at what I have held onto, most of it was never really real, never really apart of me, but for some reason I held onto it as if it was.  I think it was just a comfort of knowing that somewhere and at some point in my life there was a spot for me to belong, but when I look at that spot, it doesn't fit the person that I am today.  And if I look at it with a more critical eye, I see that the spot never really fit at all.

So as I clean out the closets, get the bags of clothes together to give to Goodwill, clean out the garage and rip out carpet to be replaced with wood flooring, I find I am also clearing out my life of the old and unusable, of people that no longer fit me and accept the person I have become.  And as I begin to plant my Spring flowers and vegetables, I relish in the unknown blooms and seeds for the future.


Life Goes On

After a spell of comings and goings, I am back to posting once again.  Spring is here, and life is good.  I don't know why, but everything seems better in the spring; the colors, the smells, the warmth.  I feel a new start every year, and this year is no different.  I am still in school, but I think that is just a given with me.  What can I say, I love learning.  Honestly though, I am looking forward to being done and working in my chosen profession.  I have thought on and off about adding Audiology to my resume, but I think I am just going to lay low and work on being a better therapist.
My new business is on the verge of taking off, I am just looking at needing to do a little more investment and then the potential is limitless.  I am finding this to be both exciting and surprisingly terrifying at the same time.  As much as I fear failure, I think I fear success just as much.  Another "new" this spring is that I bought a new car.  However, Larry is currently in custody of "my" new car while he is in Germany.  Having not purchased a new car in 17 years, I am pretty excited.


My Favorites of the Year.

I know that technically the year is not at end, but as I have not done much writing about what has been going on in my life, I thought I would pick out some photos that show what has been going on this last year. Obviously my pictures only show pieces of my life when I actually remember to take my camera with me. Here goes:

( After going through this years photos, I quickly realized I am going to have to break them down into multiple posts)

Zoo Lights carousel last Christmas.

Sunset overlooking the valley.

Winter wonderland while snow shoeing last winter.

Love how clear this picture is. Love it except for the lovely poop spot on the rock that is.

Sugarhouse park always looks beautiful, no matter what time of year.

Norah, my niece

One of the few pictures I'll add with me in it!

The new additions to our home. "Johnny" is looking at me as if to say "where's mine?", and "Danger" is going to town.

My first do-it-yourself home remodeling. Everything from the tile to the new mantel was mine. Usually Larry and I work on things together, but this time I just decided to take on the task myself and surprise him. He was surprised indeed!

Some great photos from Hawaii.

The Pill box hike with Larry.

Sunset in Hawaii

I love how this photo turned out. It was in Kauai.

Larry's Birthday. I tried to make him feel like he was a bit younger! :)

These last two aren't that interesting except for that they mark the beginning of starting my engraving business again. Something that I never thought I would do again, but I am happy I am.


Cutting the cord

I have now entered into the world of alternative TV consumption, otherwise known as the other cheap meat. After testing my TV habits for two weeks, I found myself tuning in for two of the 14 days. One of which was because a visiting friend had a show she liked to watch. I found that this did not warrant $70 a month or the nearly $900 a year in crappy TV watching.

After going the rounds with the satellite company...."can we do anything to keep you as a customer? you have been such a great long term customer" ......blah blah blah, I finally cut the cord. Funny thing that although I have been a long term customer, and a regular bill payer, only now do they want to do "anything" to keep me as said wonderful customer. Some saying about wanting you now that you are gone comes to mind.

So it has been three days since the deed was done, and the only difference is the fact that I can't engage in drone clicking with the remote trying to find something entertaining or enlightening to watch. Does this mean I go without any and all TV watching? Nope. Like I said above, I have engaged in the "alternative" tv consumption. I have Netflix and iTunes, and today I spent the hundred bucks on a Roku Digital Player that plays Neflix and Amazon video on demand. Netflix has the "watch instantly" option, but rather than go through the pain of constantly hooking up my laptop to the TV, I will just be able to use the Roku like a DVR (without the monthly fee). I figure it was only $30 more for the box than what I would have paid for my month a crap programming. All that in addition to Hulu.com and there isn't much need or want for anything else.

I am all about freedom of choice, and if there is an option out there to do something different, I am usually on the bandwagon. I will save money this way (minus the $100 on the player), and watch only what I want to watch, when I want to watch it. Will I have to wait a bit for the 3rd season of Mad Men to come out on DVD? Yes I will, but at $900 a year....I think it is worth the wait.

I am BACK!!

After a nearly three month hiatus, I have returned to blogging. I could go into great depths as to why I had to privatize my account, but yes it did come down to a stalking of sorts. I have recently befriended an individual that has a past which he would rather forget ever happened. However, as much as one might like to forget the sins of one's past, more often than not we are not allowed that luxury, especially when children are involved.

To make a very, very long story some what short....... I, in being the best friend and confidant I could be, got involved in a situation concerning my friend and abuse between his oldest son and the ex-wife's husband. Being an educated woman, teacher, and soon to be therapist, I guided my friend through this ordeal which included getting the authorities involved and having charges brought against the parental units concerned. I did so out of my concern for the welfare of the child involved, the children that remain with said parental units, and my friend's desperate need to put an end to the constant railroading by the ex and husband. I also helped him retain legal assistance to guide him though what his rights were as the father. I did all of this because I care, not because I have a vendetta against the parental units. I do not even know them, have never met them, nor do I ever care to. I did what was best for those that I care about.

As I did this, said parental units took it upon themselves to make me the scape goat of their own self made problems. Apparently with these individuals, abuse is dealt with best swept under the rug or blamed on others. As they found out about me and my involvement in taking action, they decided to "look me up" and see what they could find out about me. As one might guess, "bindy" is not too common a name, and easily found my blog. They were able to read about me, my husband, and my life. Things became bad. I felt that the best thing to do at the time was to privatize my blog so that my personal stories were not SO easily found.

Three months later, however, I find that these individuals will both get what they deserve, and that they have no control over my life or what I choose to write and share. I did what was best, and did so out of love and concern. I will not fall away into the darkness, hiding from two cowardly individuals who do not deserve my attention much less my action.



Random Thoughts

I have been trying to think about how I want to change the format of my blog for a while. Do I make it more personal or less personal? Do I share more of my thoughts, or focus more on pictures and family stories? I suppose the answer is in the title of my blog, Being Bindy, which includes all of the above. These last few months have produced what might be termed a "life change." As such I have been more reflectional and not really certain of what I might want to write about. I have thought about making my blog more about daily topics or events and less about events of my life. I guess I will just stick with my gut and go with what I want to. I should know by now that I have no ability to stick to a prescribed way of thinking, writing, or anything else. I shall just write about whatever comes to mind.......

Language Barrier
A few days ago I was at a garden center picking up a few plants for my garden. As I stood at the check out, a young woman walked up to the cashier and asked, "What is the difference between an annual and a perennial? What one lasts longer?" The cashier responded with an "I'm not sure, let me call Wanda." I was rather shocked that not one but two English speaking adults did not know what the word "annual," and what the prefix "per" meant. The cashier called Wanda, and after a few minutes (who knows maybe Wanda had to ask someone too) he responded that the perennials were the ones that lasted more than one year. I stood there, with a "Holy Shit" look on my face.
Annual: In gardening, annual often refers to a plant grown outdoors in the spring and summer and surviving just for one growing season, or better known as yearly.
Perennial: (per, "through", annus, "year") Perennials grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back every autumn and winter.
Definitions provided by Wikipedia.

Buyer Beware
Today I was grocery shopping. I stopped off to pick up some nuts. I noticed that Planters had a "new" nut package called "nut-rition." Nut-rition offered a mixed nut that was on sale, but then I noticed that their "normal" mixed nut was also marked down about a dollar less than the "nut-rition" one. I also noticed that the "nut-rition" was of smaller volume. I decided to see what the nutritional differences actually were. Surprisingly, the "normal" mixed nuts variety had 20 less calories and less sodium per serving. So for more money you can purchase the "nut-rition" product thinking you are getting a healthier product but actually has more calories and more sodium!! Don't you just love marketing? Buyer Beware.....


Florida Trip

A recent trip to Florida: It was a beautiful 7 days of Florida sun and family. I enjoyed my time there and the two days that Larry joined me.

I wanted so much to get one of these little plovers in a good picture, but they are so fast! This one was so close, but managed to get the tip of his nose out of the picture.....bummer.

My afternoon seashell creation....it is suppose to be a flower.

My white legs before the sun got to them....